about mates studio
MATES STUDIO is conducted by Creative workers from the different fields. We have not limited ourselves to the specific field, we keep collaborating with different partners and being adaptable to uncover the authentic concepts and create our own aesthetics.
​We strive to provide services of brand analysis, market evaluation, discovering core value of brand, as well as the design in the perspective of business.


what we do

- Brand identity

- Visual language

- Brand Guidelines

- Logotype systems

- Typography

- Collateral Design

- Packaging

- Editorial Design

Photo & Film production

- Art Direction

- Photography

- Video

- Storyboards

- Script

- Production

- Set Design

- Production management

- Schedule & Budget management

- Styling

- Scouting of talents and locations




-Exhibition and Event







-Digital Marketing

-Social Media

how we do?



& concept 

direction & 
design process.

& production.

& good byes.

This is the phase when we meet our clients. We are interested in knowing who is the person behind the project, brand or idea. We want to understand their real needs and hidden desires.

Our clients know their project better than anyone, but it is our responsibility to take it further based on our professional experience. In this phase we analyze all the information and provide coaching on business strategy and brand creation.

This is where we translate the concept and the strategy into images, objects or spaces, our favorite part.

We present our proposal, and we receive client’s feedback. Once everything is authorized. We support our clients with external suppliers for production.

At this moment, we give each other a hug and say good byes, however, our doors are always open for further consultancies.